Haven Ways and By-ways

Saints and Stones Roche CastleWe are blessed in this part of Pembrokeshire with many lovely, historic places of worship. The origins of most of them lie in the days when travel was considered easier by sea than by land. Travellers, merchants and missionaries seem to have constantly been crossing and re-crossing the seas from Ireland, Cornwall and Brittany to this corner of Wales. Saints like Brigid, Ishmael and Madoc made landfall here, founded churches and worked to spread the good news of God’s transforming love shown in Jesus Christ.

Some churches, like Haroldston, are hidden away from the sea for fear of pirates or the weather, others like Dale and Talbenny, stand as beacons and aids to navigation for seafarers. Some, like Marloes, with its dedication to Peter the Fisherman, speak of a long connection with those whose work has led them St Catherine Tokenout into perilous waters. All speak eloquently of an enduring faith in Christ through all the storms of life and point beyond themselves to our true haven in the kingdom of Heaven.

May you be blessed in all the journeys of your life and find, as you share this rich heritage of faith, enlightenment and inspiration.

 This part of Pembrokeshire is rich in history, archaeology and legend. Across this landscape King Arthur pursued Twrch Trwyth in the story of Culhwch and Olwen. Here, the cult of St Teilo continued centuries after his death, as his skull was used to draw up healing waters for the sick. To this area St Brynach fled from persecution to establish his ministry and, during the Middle Ages, Preseli was a battleground in the conflict between the Welsh princes and the Normans.

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St Mary's, Roch, SA62 6AQ

St James, Dale

St Madoc's, Haroldston

St Peter The Fisherman, Marloes

St Mary's, Talbenny

Broadhaven Baptist Chapel

St Ishmael's

St Madoc's, Nolton

All Saints, Walton West